From Barefoot to Stilettos:

It’s Not for Sissies

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The answer “no” is unacceptable to Marie Pizano in her quest of life. In her memoir, From Barefoot to Stilettos,she tells the story of her life thus far. She vividly recounts her experiences from childhood days, living on food stamps, learning the ways of local gangs, and double-dutching on the streets of south-side Chicago. Brilliantly, she shares the inspirational tale of her survival of a life-changing motorcycle accident and her perseverance to keep moving forward despite the odds she faced. She reveals, in complete honesty, the feelings and struggles she faced when she moved to Memphis to live as a trophy-wife life – dealing with everything from the mean girls, the monster-in-law, and the panic attacks, to becoming a mother, her post-divorce years, and defeating the odds by building an entertainment powerhouse – all while rediscovering herself, her life, and her power. Through explorations of her own past, present, and potential future, Marie reflects on how the sum of her trials and triumphs have shaped her into the empowered woman she has become in her incessant quest to find her “yes.”

There is a powerful message here for other women – or anyone, for that matter –in situations that are less than ideal; you can always find your “yes,” no matter what happens in your life. You can survive! You have a choice – you can either play the victim, or you can do something about it; even when you are at your absolute lowest, there is still a flicker of light that can ignite you. You can stand tall again and walk proudly in your stilettos with truth and integrity; sometimes, you just have to fight for it – life is not for sissies.

From Barefoot to Stilettos is both entertaining and well written, and offers an intriguing look at social issues like socioeconomic status, public image, and gender roles. While this memoir will certainly appeal to women with similar experiences, it's also of special interest to anyone looking for an up-close examination of modern society's issues and shortcomings.

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Using the stiletto as a metaphor for finding one’s voice, courage, and perseverance through tough, emotional times, Pizano effectively writes of her difficult life in this memoir. She recounts her journey in a straightforward manner throughout, and readers who have been through similar situations, such as a difficult divorce or sharing custody, may find her story relatable. Some of the sections in this book read more like diary entries, such as late chapters regarding her business dealings. Overall, however, it’s an intriguing, motivational memoir that may assist others as they attempt to regain their own power.

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Marie Pizano

CEO/Founder of MVP3 Studios

Marie Pizano, a native Chicagoan, has called Memphis, Tennessee home since 1999. Marie has served on several charitable organization since moving to the Bluff City. She served as a board member of the International Children’s foundation and the Women’s Foundation for Greater Memphis, and The Commission on Missing & Exploited Children. She was co-founder of the Tiara Tea Society and was the Chair for Go Red for Women. And created and chaired an event called, “ROCK FOR HOPE” for St. Jude.